Monday, October 24, 2011

Potato Soup

Hey All,        It was a long time before I learned how to least someting that didn't taste half bad.    I get along alright now..................but nothing as good as that potato soup.
        In the 10th grade in high school I was as green as they come.  I didn't know what I wanted or how to figure it out.  I just plodded along, living each day as if they would continue on this way indefinitely...........after all, they always had.  I got home from school one day and Mom was in usual form.  She was sitting in the living room,.slurring her speech and I just faded out of the room and went upstairs.  Around dinner time I came down and asked Mom if we were going to have dinner,  which she replied sullenly,  that I would be taking care of myself.  I looked to see what was available and there wasn't much.  It was curious to me how we could always have booze,  but not much food in the house.  I ended up calling Grandmom Scarborough  She had me look through the cupboards to see what we had and I told her what I could find.  The meal for the night was Potato Soup.  She explained  to me everything that I needed to do and I wrote it down.  I was on my first culinary adventure and I hoped that I would get it right because otherwise I was eating toast for dinner again.  My friend Joe called to see what was going on while I was cutting potatoes, so I brought him up to date on my afternoon.   A little while later Joe was at our door and Mom heard his car in the driveway.  I guess she just couldn't help herself.............. she staggered down the hall in to the kitchen, bouncing off the walls along the way.  She reached under the counter, opened the door and brought out a bottle of Seagrams 7.  She staggered to stove and wanted to know what I was making, so I told her about it..................................she didn't miss a beat.  She opened the whiskey and poured a healthy dose into my  soup.  She laughed and said"that ought to make it taste better".  She then turned and went bouncing off the walls again,  back to the living room, cackling as she went.  I felt like crawling into a hole and pulling the dirt in after me.  Joe laughed, I guess this seemed funny or maybe he was a litle embarassed as I was.  He probably  hadn't seen  anything like this before and unfortunately, it was something I had seen to much. He very generously offered to take me out to Mickey D's for dinner which I  gratefully accepted. 
      I may never make a splash in trying to understand how and why somethings come to be.  I have tried to think and anylyze,  but don't ever come to a satisfactory answer.  Maybe I should just let things go, but for all of the heartache...........................I don't kow how. 
                                    Until the next time.............................God Bless

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