Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Farm Job

Hey all,    We all have a story to tell.   Sometimes they bring a smile to your face.   These are the best kind.
       I was a self-employed Plumbing-HVAC contractor for 17 years.  I have worked in many houses and buildings for a lot of different people.   The Parks Farm was one of my favorite and most memorable jobs.  The owners were great people and a pleasure to work for.  I've done quite a few different jobs at the farm from plumbing, heating and electrical.   On this particular day in early March, it was quite cold.  We still had frost every morning, but all of winters' snow was gone.   The toilet  in the addition to old farmhouse overflowed all the time.  After checking it out,  I determined that their was a problem with the buried sewage line.   The owners had a friend they always used for excavation work by the name of Floyd.  They made arrangements for Floyd to come and dig the line and since it was cast iron and buried for many years, I was  to replace it with PVC.   I met Floyd at the farm that morning and he had his backhoe already in place.  I wore my carhart insulated coveralls since it was so cold and had a big cup of coffee since I couldn't do anything until it was all dug up.  About halfway through the dig I could see somebody had already replaced 10 feet of the sewage line with PVC.  Floyd however couldn't see it from his position and got hooked on the end of the Pipe.  PVC is flexible and that pipe bowed in a great big arc.  Problem was it was packed full with raw sewage and the farmhouse had brand new vinyl siding and windows installed recently.  Floyd could tell he was caught,  but not on what and kept pulling to get free.  He did and it flung sewage all over the side of the house with such force that it went through the screens to the windows.  It was a mess!   The whole side of the old farmhouse was just coverd in sewage.............except in one place, in the shape of a guy holding a coffee cup.    I had barely enough time to close my eyes as I realized what was going to happen.   I stripped of my coveralls and washed my face in the house.    Floyd could see what happened just after he got his bucket free..  It must have been a sight because his face was so red from laughing it took him a minute to catch his breath.   The owners pressured washed the house off after I went home to shower and get another pair of boots.   Penny refused to wash the coffee cup and I had to throw it away.  I miss that cup.
                   Until next time...................God Bless.

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