Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Crow Hunting

Hey All,    When I was a little younger and Charlie was just a tot, I used to love to spend my free time in the great outdoors.  Some of the outings happened on Sunday mornings because crow hunting was one of the few things you could hunt on Sunday and Tommy was usually my hunting partner.
      Tom and I were going to go out before daylight to set up decoys and take a few hours to hunt crows.  He spent the night at Grandmoms house and slept in the attic, just as we did when we kids.  Grandmom had a Gordan Setter named Blackie. He was an etremely spoiled dog and that's putting it mildly.  If it was raining, he would refuse to go outside without alot of was astruggle of the wills and sometimes Grandmom was just to tired to argue with him.   This was one of those nights.
      The bathroom light was left on just in case Charlie had to get up in the night and it illuminated the hallway and the door that led to the attic.   After we were all settled in, I heard Blackie roaming around and watched as took a dump on the floor.  I didn't say a word..........I just rolled over and went to sleep, as far as I was concerned that dog could do whatever he wanted.      Five AM comes early and after I turned off the alarm clock,  I laid there and could hear Tommy moving around in the attic, getting ready to come down.  I rolled over waited for him to come downstairs before I was getting out of bed................I was still pretty tired and almost wished he would change his mind about going.  I laid there as I listened to his decent down  the stairs and  rolled over as the attic door opened and his foot came down squarely in Blackie's little gift.  I laughed so hard my sides hurt................and Tommy cursed so hard he woke up Grandmom.   Tom took his sock off and went into the bathroom to wash up.   I know he didn't think it was funny, but I was still laughing.......................when he walked into to the dining room to turn on the lights and stepped in another pile of Blackie's his bare feet, that was under the light switch.  If  Tom wasn't colorful  the first time around, he more than made up for it on the second.........................I thought I might need medical attention, my sides hurt so bad.  Grandmom decided to get up after all this commotion and was none to happy about the noise..........................or with Blackie.   We went crow hunting and even though we were only slightly is one of my most memorable hunts.
                                          Until next time...............................God Bless.

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