Saturday, November 5, 2011

Shop Project

Hey All,  Lots of kids have spent time in wood shop in high school.  We were taught how to use the equipment safely and different techniques used in wood working.  Our teachers were Mr Snyder and Mr Halstead.
    I was in the 11th grade and had hard time deciding what I wanted to make.  Mr Snyder helped me out and I finally decided to make a chest of drawers made out of cherry.  It took me quite a while but I had completed it in May, just before the school year ended.  I had to pay for all the materials I used, so I explained to Mom that I needed $75 so that I could bring my project home.  She was already familiar with this because Tommy had a shop project too. It was a beautiful sunny day and I got a friend who could drive and he helped me bring it home, where we unloaded my project in the driveway.  After my friend had left, Mom came out the kitchen door and she was drunk again.  She looked at my chest of drawers and said "I paid $75 for that piece of shit? I don't know if I want that thing in my house. Why can't you make something nice like Tommy?"  I just stood there with tears welling up in my eyes...................I was 30ft away from her and  she was speaking loud.  I hoped nobody could hear her.  I turned my back to her and walked down the driveway, headed down to the creek.  I walked away trying to hold back my emotions.............while Mom was yelling at my back "where are you going?  Get this piece of shit out of my driveway"!
        I returned just after dark and brought my project in the house after Mom had passed out in bed.  I still have that chest of drawers.  It stands in my bedroom.........every time I look at it I can't help but remember.
                 Until next time...............................God Bless.

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