Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wedding Day

Hey again,  

The day that 2 people get married is very exciting with love, hope and laughter.  It's a union created and sanctioned by God himself. Some don't last for various reasons.  Commitment to another imperfect human soul can be a chore that many never consider.

April 7th, 1956 was the day Joseph and Dorothy had set for their nuptials.  They had met at Jamison Rollerskating Rink and their life together began.  The weather was typical for April with clouds and snow squalls.  After a beautiful Catholic ceremony everyone celebrated at the Casa Conte in Jenkintown.  By all accounts and the photos from the event is was a great celebration, a good time for all.                             

After the reception some of the family went to Dorothy's parents house in Glenside. Many had raised their. glasses one too many times in celebration.  Joe was feeling the effects as well so he took an opportunity to lay back on a bed in a spare bedroom upstairs.  As he lay there with his feet on floor,  his thoughts were on the drive to Niagra Falls where they would spend their honeymoon.  Dorothy's father, Fred,  had come down the hall and spotted him laying there.  He had something on his mind and with too many glasses of cheer himself, went in to the bedroom.  Joe was only 5'7" tall where Fred was near 6'4".  Fred walked in and reached down to the bed and picked Joe up by his collar and raised him to his feet.  "I don't know why my daughter married a bum like you" he said. And with that, dropped Joe back on the bed and walked out.   Well  Joe was confused..  What just happened? Where did that come from?   As he laid there dwelling on this new revelation, his anger was growing like a hurricane in the Atlantic.   He was raised poor but proud and couldn't let this pass unanswered..  He decided that he should at least be heard on this subject, so he went back downstairs into the small kitchen where Fred now was.  Well, words were spoken in anger and then it got physical.  At the end of this "discussion" Joe laid his new father-in-law out on the floor.   Needless to say,  Dorothy and Joe had their 1st argument as a married couple with the result that had Joe spending his wedding night at his parents house and Dorothy at hers.   Eventually they did go on their honeymoon at Niagra Falls.

I loved my Father and Grandfather very much.  For many years I could sense the distance between them whenever they were in a room together, but, didn't know why.  My parents stayed together "until death do us part".  Their wedding day set the tone for the rest of their married life.  Dysfunction, alcohol, physical, verbal and emotional abuse could be found in abundance as time passed.  Three boys were born into this storm and, at times, contributed to it.  Those are tales for another day.

Until next time.......God Bless.                

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