Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Opening Day

Hey All.    My name is Charles and this blog is about any day in the life, heart and mind.  My stories are much like many people have.  I'm not any different than you.  This blog is probably more therapy for me than anything else.  My wife tells me I should write a book and I respond that nobody would believe it.  I have lived all these experiences and most of the time I wish I could deny any involvement.  But it is my life and accepting my role and position in it is the mature thing to do.                                                          
     May as well start with current events.  I am an Honorably Discharged Army veteran with a substantial hearing disability and I wear hearing aids.  I've worn them for 5 years now but needed them longer than that.  I am currently unemployed from a school district and have filed an ADA complaint  against them because of my disability. It isn't a pleasant situation, but, thanks to the intellect and integrity of some of the administration (or lack of it), I have emails and other documentation to prove my case. 
     The events that led up to this day have taken a heavy toll.  I am on anti-depressants and anxiety meds.  I've been to the hospital twice over this.  Once for chest pain and the other I was admitted to a psych ward for a few days.  I understand that I have PTSD which can be attributed to my military experiences and these current events have aggravated my condition to the point of affecting my mental and physical health.
     I hope that by writing this journal it may help me put things back in order so that I can be my good ole self again.  Many things that will be written here will be very personal and  may sound like they're out of soap opera.  I only wish I could say that they are not true.  But, the pain I feel from them is very real and I just want it to stop and to have peace.   Until the next time.....God Bless.

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