Monday, December 31, 2012

I Love You Too

Hey All,     We have many people in our lives who mean so much too us.  It is written that"life is but a vapor".  Only here for a brief time and then gone from sight.........but these souls live on in us and through us. They contributed to who we have become, even if only in a small way.   They make us better people.......even in the toughest times.
     My grandfather was a 92 year old man when he passed away from prostate cancer.  When he was 60,  his most used phrase was " what the hell, I'm an old man", when my grandmother tried to persuade him to do something she wanted. He still worked on projects at his grown childrens' houses until he was in his 80's. I wonder when he turned 90, if he thought that 60 was still young.
      I received a call in May 2002 that my Grandfather was in a bad way and wouldn't be with us too much longer.  So, as a family group, Penny, Charlie, my brothers. mother and I went down to visit.  He was in a hospital bed in the dining room and was unconscious.  My Grandmother and aunt Ruth said that he had been unresponsive for a couple of days.  We all took turns going in from the living room to visit and talk with him, even though we couldn't be sure if he even knew we were there. I went in last and my grandmother and aunt had uncovered him to change him......... as you would a baby.  They were having a hard time of it,even though he was very thin, he still weighed more than they could comfortably handle.  They asked me to lift him so they could take care of him.  I put one arm under his shoulders and one behind his knees and as gently as I could, I lifted him while they took care of him.  Our faces were only inches apart..........he opened his eyes and looked into mine and asked "what are you doing here?"  I said " I came to see you!  I Love you Grandpop"  He smiled. "I love you too" he softly replied in return.  He then closed his eyes.  He grunted in pain as I gently lowered him back down..........he never opened his eyes or spoke again.  I took my turn visiting and talking to him after the room was clear.  I just wanted him to know how much he meant to me and how much I appreciated what he had done for me as a kid.  I told him that I would have been lost in this world if he had not intervened in my life. He couldn't respond...............but I could still hear "I love you too".
   I went out in the living room and told Tommy about it.  He said that this was " a memory that will last a lifetime"............and so it has. 
   My grandfather passed away three days later.   He may be gone from this world................but he rests lovingly in my heart.  Precious and few are the gifts such as these. Blessed are those who receive them.
                                   Until the next time..........God Bless.

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